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Courses taken at CSUB relevant to Film, Digital Media, PR, Marketing and Communications

Film and Digital Media

1118 Religion and Film

2310 Media Arts

3068 Film and Society

3320 Digital Video Production

4340 Producing and Project Management

3330 Interactive Design

3340 Sound Design for Media Production

Communications and PR

2110 Issues and Practices in Journalism

3010 Mass Media Law

3210 Public Relations

3220 Public Relations Strategies and Tactics

3058 Intercultural Communications

3260 Public Relations Management

3000 Theories of Communication

3008 Technical and Report Writing

3080 Communication and the Environment

3230 Case Studies in Public Relations

3050 Interpersonal Communication

3078 Mass Media and Society

4038 Technology and Society


3000 Marketing Principles

3020 Advertising and Public Relations

4060 Marketing Channels

4900 Marketing Planning and Problem-Solving

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